Fishing Reports

  • Oct 16 2017

    Fall colors….

    I transitioned to guiding on the Muskegon about 10 days ago, there were some kings at that time, but they were pooled up in about 5 pools. The river was very low and navigating the shallows was spooky to say the least. Well…we have received some much needed precipitation now, and the river is up a few inches. More kings have poured into the system and the salmon fishing has improved. The middle of last week I began looking for some fall steelhead, we fished hard, covered a bunch of spots and found a few. The steelhead numbers should be on the rise with every rainfall we get. Cooler days and night will help as well. River temps are still about 61 degrees. Another big help would be some big winds from the east to flip the lake, the nearshore waters are very warm.

    The kings are spread out well from the pools and runs to the spawning areas. Look for steelhead and some nice river trout to be around the salmon looking for the easy meals.

    Its time to book those fall steelhead trips, still some great dates available.

  • Sept 21 2017

    Summer or fall?


    Record high temps are blasting Michigan and putting the hurting on the fall fishing in our rivers. Water temps are higher than normal and lack of rain has them in very low levels. That aside….we are still getting into a few fish each trip, landing some…loosing some. The size is still running on the large side, heard of a few fish over 30 landed this fall out of the rivers. We have been casting crankbaits and float fishing with skein each day. Working for our bites….but at least the bites are legit! Mouth hooked fish that ate because they made the choice to.


    We still have some dates available for salmon, steelhead season is filling up as well. Call soon and lock in your trips.

    We are having technical difficulties adding photos to the site, you can find us on facebook to view some recent photos.

  • Sept 5 2017

    Change of pace feels good…


    I ran a few river trips this past week and although the fishing wasn’t as good as we would hoped, we had a good time and got into a few fall run Chinooks each trip. We spent most of the time float fishing with skein, but hooked a couple on deep jr thundersticks as well. The river was super busy due to the holiday weekend as one would expect. I’m sure all the extra traffic had a negative impact on the fishing as well. Look for the fishing to improve as we move forward, so rain and cooler temps would also improve things.

    If your interested in a river trip please contact us for openings and more info.