Fishing Reports

  • March 21 2018

    Spring has arrived….

    Sorry for the lapse, its been a pretty busy several weeks on the rivers. The fishing has had its ups and downs…but overall if you put your time in the fishing has been pretty good. Hopefully we have already had our spring flood and we will have a decent spring without a big washout. The fish are trickling in right now with very little spawning going on from what I’ve seen….that’s not my thing anyway. The spring fish are looking healthy and well fed. We have been floatfishing for the most part with beads, bags and small nymphs. Colors and sizes seem to change daily, if your not catching, change it up.
    I have a few dates open in April, if your looking to get out please let me know.

  • February thaw?? or early spring?

    Mid February and again we are staring down the barrel of a couple days of temps in the 50’s….this winter weather has been a true roller coaster. A few days of warmer than average….then the temps plummet into the teens for a few days, plenty of snow then rainy days with temps in the 50’s. I guess the saying is true for Michigan, “if you don’t like the weather wait ten minutes”

    The roller coaster weather also plays a role in the fishing, one thing for sure its always better when you have a constant weather pattern…several days of the same weather generally provide us with the best fishing. Rapidly arriving cold fronts generally make the bite tougher. But still worth spending time on the water chasing these great winter steelhead. For the most part the fish are winter holdovers, hopefully we see some runoff next week and some chrome fish with it.

    Float fishing with beads, spawn and small nymphs has been our go to method, the fish that are here are pretty smart right now, near perfect presentation seems more important than what you are using. Although some days the color of your bead can make a huge difference.

    Give us a call to get in on the action before the crowds descend on the river this spring. Winter 1/2 day trips are still only $200 for 1-2 anglers.

  • Jan 15 2018

    17……er….18…. Happy New Year!!


    The days are flying by!!! and for the better part I’ve been on dry land in the new year. Sub arctic temps slowed down the start of January, but things seem to bee falling into line now with more of a typical winter weather pattern setting up. The times I’ve been out so far have been fishing pretty decent. The fish are locked into their winter patterns and the lack of fishing pressure sure helps, the bite has been tougher on the busy days. Float fishing with beads and spawn have been the most consistent, though jigs and waxworms are taking some older winter holdovers. Spring will be here before you know it, its time to lock in your spring steelhead dates.

    My winter 1/2 day trips are pretty popular this time of year, $200 for 1-2 anglers for 4 hours on the water. Grab a friend dress warm and give us a call…your steelhead are waiting.