Rivers & Seasons


We guide on Pere Marquette, Muskegon, Manistee, and Grand rivers. All our guides are state licensed, cpr/first aid trained and many are permitted by the United States Forest Service to operate a commercial operation on rivers inside a national forest.



Often, we fish steelhead beginning in mid-October and this lasts through the winter and well into the spring. Often into the first part of May. Fall run fish are the most aggressive of all steelhead, looking for a meal or two as they ascend towards their wintering holes. Winter holdovers are here to stay….if we get a good run in the fall fishing will remain great all through the winter, A must try…very few people and lots of hungry fish. The steelhead will generally begin their spawning as water temperatures begin to warm in the late winter and early Spring. Spawning will last through April and into May. This time of year most consider the peak, fish are literally in any and all water type at this time of the year. I have even caught spring run steelhead in June! A long season ensures you many different options and weather conditions for chasing these fish. This season books early so don’t wait too long.

Trout and Smallmouth Bass

Mid-May through August is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy the rivers — the crowds are gone and the banks are green again. Experiencing a hatch on the river is something you will never forget. Trip times may start at just about any time of the day depending on insect and fish activity. Smallmouth Bass are one of our summer favorites, generally one of our highest fish days. Trips are generally available with a day or two notice.

King Salmon

These anadromous fish begin filtering into our rivers in the middle of August and reach their peak sometime around the third week of September. Although these fish will remain in decent numbers through October, these fish are in their strongest form in early to mid-September, you may hook many but landing them is a whole different story. Spawning is what these fish are here to do….then it’s off to meet their maker. You must book early for this time of year…generally a year in advance for prime dates.