• I am from California (west coast Steelhead and Salmon fisherman), I came out to Michigan a couple of years ago to work on a job. I had a couple of free days so I contacted Jon for a steelhead trip, even on short notice he squeezed me in. It was cold but Jon put us right on top of the fish, we had a great time and didn't even notice the cold. Since then I have been back several times and I have always made time to do a trip with Jon. Each time we have had great results, lots of hook ups, and lots in the boat, my fishing partner and I kid Jon about having the fish trained, he puts you right on the fish, I wish the fishing in Northern California was this good each time I go, like it is here. Jon is one of my top 2 favorite trips, if you get some free time and want to make the transformation from fisherman to catcherman go do a trip with Jon.

    DAVID C.

  • What can I say about Jon and Riversbend Guide service; Engaging guides who enjoy good conversation as well as giving and receiving friendly barbs, and always great fishing. And on those rare occasions when fishing is slower than normal, a determined effort is always made to move as needed to get his clients on fish. Our guests always have a good time, and John truly seems to get as much pleasure as his clients, especially when a rookie lands their first monster salmon or steelhead. These are the reasons so many of John's clients-including myself- followed him once he formed his independent company. Top Shelf!


  • I have been fortunate to have fished with many guides throughout North America in the last several years, and Jon Kolehouse definitely ranks with the finest. I have fished with him many times over the last eleven years, and he really knows how to find and catch fish. In all the times I have fished steelhead with him, we've NEVER been skunked. When we compare notes with other fishermen on the Muskegon, we usually do better than anyone else on the river. I highly recommend Jon Kolehouse as an experienced and reliable guide.

    Jim F.

  • I've been fishing with Jon Kolehouse each year since 1997 and keep coming back for more abuse. Seriously, Jon is an excellent guide and a lot of fun to fish with. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good steelhead experience.

    Jeff B.

    Lombard, Illinois

  • Like with Miller beer....''it just doesn't get any better than this''. That was my experience with Jon during the four days he guided me in November. It may have been the best fishing trip ever for me and I'm almost 70. He put me where the fish were and at the end of four days I was popping Advil to take away the pain in my arm from catching so many heavy, aggressive steelhead. Even caught a 36'' 15 pound wall mount. Well a replica mount the real deal is waiting for me to come back again. And don't forget Jon's cooking too. His boat lunches would rival anything Martha Stewart puts on the table. And the fact that I'd never tried this kind of fishing before, I was greatly impressed with the patience and communications between us to try and educate me to this form of fly fishing. I can't wait for the next adventure with Jon. Don't let me book in your place.

    John A.

    Bradenton, Florida

  • Riversbend Guide Service is hands down the best experience one could have. Jon's knowledge of the water, techniques, and fish far excel anyone else on the river. His boat and equipment are top notch, and his lunches are hard to beat..I have fished with him spring, summer, fall and winter, and have had great success every time. Its a great learning experience along with good conversation. I have recommended Rivers Bend Guide Service to several of my friends, co-workers, and my customers. You will learn allot from him, and have a great time doing it, while catching fish.

    Dan S.

  • Jon is more than an expert fisherman and guide. Jon is a host, an entertainer, a comedian, knowledgeable on current events, genuine, humble and hard working. I trust Jon exclusively with my business clients, we host dozens of trips annually and Jon delivers year after year, 5 star rating.

    Mike S.

  • Captain Jon and his crew have always provided an amazing experience for the children of Mystic Lake YMCA Camp. We have been using him for over 10 years and have never been disappointed. Captain Jon and his crew have always served as great role models for our children and have also helped them catch a lot of fish! We are planning to use him again in 2015.

    Ricky W.

  • Jon has been my captain of choice for many years. Whether on the river or on Lake Michigan his professionalism has always turned my experience into one that is both positive and rewarding. Rain , snow or sunshine the experience is always positive. Not to mention the lunches he makes are to die for ! The other great thing about Jon is he is very good at helping his clients no matter what their level of ability is. That can make a big difference for someone out for the first time on the lake or the river.

    When people ask me for my recommendation on a trip I always send them Jon's way.

    Gary P.

  • I've been fishing with Jon Kolehouse for close to 20 years, both on the rivers (PM and Muskegon) and on the big lake. Most of my trips have been with customers, and without exception, every trip has been a great time enjoyed by all. John is consistently able to find the fish, and works hard to ensure an enjoyable experience for all. I've had people out with anywhere from no experience to very experienced, and John easily adapts to all skill levels (and all age levels). A trip with Jon is sure to be a fun time, with lots of laughs and great results!

    Bob J.

  • It has been my pleasure to fish with Jon on both Lake Michigan and the Muskegon River. He is extremely knowledgeable about the waters he fishes and the techniques required to provide a successful outing. What sets Jon above other charter Captains is his willingness to share his knowledge which allows his customers to become better fishermen in their own right.

    John B.