Trips and Adventures Guided River Trips

Looking for an adventure for yourself ? Or maybe with a friend or family member? How does spending the day fishing one of West Michigan’s premier rivers for Steelhead, King Salmon, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout or Smallmouth Bass sound? Look no further. Riversbend Guide Service has been offering guided fishing on Michigan’s best rivers since the spring of 1992. Our 22 plus years of experience will put you on the right river at the right time, giving you the best chance to connect with the fish of your dreams.
Offering drift boat trips on the wild and scenic Pere Marquette River, year round and drift and jet boat trips on the Mighty Muskegon River. Seasonal jet boat trips to both the Grand and Big Manistee are also available.

Spring and summer seasons on our rivers offers a multitude of fishing choices… Spring run Steelhead are a very popular choice, fresh from the lake Steelhead mixed in with fall / winter holdover Steelhead are moving toward their spawning duties. This can be a great time to be on the river. Winter’s grip is loosening and things are starting to green up. This is the kick off to our fishing season. Big Trout as well as Steelhead are available. Many, many methods of pursuit will almost guarantee success.

As we move into May, June, and July, the fishing can be as technical or relaxing and laid back as you want it to be. This time of year we are targeting large and weary stream Trout. Matching and timing the hatch is very important this time of year for the fly fishing angler. Big Trout can be had as well as high levels or rest and relaxation that comes with spending a day on the water. Fly-fishing not your thing??? No problem, fishing ultra light spin gear for summer Trout is a blast…casting minnow patterns will move some of the biggest fish in our rivers from their deep water haunts this time of year.

Summers into high gear as we move into the fishing options in July and August on our rivers. Looking for a change of pace from targeting Trout on our rivers…how does chasing migratory Smallmouth Bass on the Muskegon river sound? The Muskegon river can provide great action for Smallmouth Bass with a few Trout possible at this time of year. Both fly-fishing and ultra light spinning gear offer fun and relaxing times on the scenic rivers of west Michigan. Late summer means Hopper season on the Pere Marquette river, perfect time for relaxing trips down the scenic PM tossing large foam and rubber flies to the banks exciting strikes as large Brown Trout gulp your fly down.

September and early October in west Michigan means one thing for many fishermen… the return of the KING ! Chinook Salmon begin to move up river to do one thing… spawn. Pursuing these big Salmon in the smaller waters of the Pere Marquette can be an experience you will never forget. Small log jam infested pools and runs holding Kings averaging almost 20 lbs. that want nothing to do with being caught by you. We offer both spin fishing and fly fishing guided trips for these fall run fish. Casting hardware for fresh from the lake King salmon is by far my favorite way to chase these fish. There is nothing in fresh water that strikes a retrieved bait as hard as these fish will. The power is un-real, this is a must do trip!!

Peak colors of mid October also means the peak of the fishing here in west Michigan….The trees may be turning into bright oranges, reds and yellows….the fish are bumper chrome! This is our most favorite season hands down, no questions asked!! Fall run Michigan Steelhead are returning to the rivers with every rainfall and bump in water levels, the fishing gets better and better as we move into November. At times these fish can be easy to fool as they are here to feed before winter sets in and slows them down slightly. Landing them on light float fishing and fly fishing gear can be another story. High flying line burning fish are to be expected as water temps keep these fish at their best. Losing more than you land can be the norm this time of year…these fish earn every ounce of my respect. Beware of fishing for the fall Steelhead, they can be very addicting and may cause restless nights of lost sleep as you dream of the next hook up. We are very busy this time of year….its never too early to book your dates for fall Steelhead. My true passion since I was 12 years old.

Like to avoid the crowds of “peak” season and don’t mind chilly fingers and toes? Cabin fever got you down? How about a day on the river in the middle of winter? December through February is the season for you if you like to fish in solitude. Great opportunities for Steelhead and Trout on our rivers, quiet days fishing for rested un-pressured fish. This is a great time of year to get those special photos of wildlife and fish. White snow lined banks provide the perfect backdrop for the photos of the fish of a lifetime. This is the time of year most guides prefer to fish. Aqua therapy at its best. Float fishing will get the most action this time of year, but fly-fishing can be a productive option as well.