Ludington Sport fishing Charters

  • Sept 5 2017

    Season winds down….

    The fishing on the lake the last few weeks was not the big finish we had hoped for. The great fishing we had gave way to very inconsistent weather patterns that mixed up our water and scattered the fish. The big mature kings are trickling through the harbor, the cohos have scattered and the fishing has been very tough most days.

    I am still getting some calls for trips, but unless the fishing improves on the lake, I will likely be running river trips as we move forward from here. If the fishing improves on the lake I will jump back on the big boat and get after the open water fishing.

    I would like to thank all of those that fished with us this summer and years past. Thank you to those that inquired about fishing with us. Without your support we would not be able to do what we love. Thank you very much!!!!!

  • August 28 2017

    Its been fun….

    Man the last 6 weeks or so have flown by! The fishing was incredible some days….a grind others. For the last week or so the fishing fleet has noticed one thing, there are bunches of fish showing on the graph, but bites can be very hard to come by. We have been marking incredible numbers of fish and bait, but getting them to go has been a different story. Could possibly be due to the amount of bait around, maybe the fish are just stuffed and not hungry??? Possibly the inconsistent weather? Wind directions and water temps are changing daily. No matter…..we just are not getting the numbers of bites we should be. Maybe the eclipse or moon phase is playing a role?

    Hopefully the fish cooperate for the final push of the fishing for me on the big water. River trips are filling in and it will be a nice change of pace to spend a few days on the river and then a few on the lake, mixing it up a bit.

    Meat rigs and flashers and green crinkle files are the best om my boat, a few plug bites early and late like you would expect.

  • Aug 15 2017

    Just a few weeks left in my big water season…

    Summer is flying by….and its been a busy one for us on the Hattrick. The fishing this year has been much improved most days, although there are still some tougher days in the mix, or days when the fish win more of the battles than us. Its now mid August and the big kings are still impressing us with the sizes of these fish. Fat chunky coho are also around…throw in some steelhead and lake trout and you have the recipe for some good fishing in Ludington.

    The hot baits continue to be flashers with meat rigs baited up with the familiar bite herring strips. White flashers seem to be edging out some of the other colors right now. Although the stinger yellow bikini bottom e chip flasher with a green crinkle fly has been a daily staple on my boat. Plugs in green splatter back and double glow have been good early and late. Mag silver streak glo mixed veggies and hot lobster are also good.


    We still have a few morning charters available, so give us a call if you would like to scrap with some very nice fish.